The official home page of Cris Gonzalez's Rover 214 Si 16v

I was in the search for a decent car when I visited Exeter car auctions. I looked around the cars prior to them going through the ring - and I found one or two possible targets, but not a lot was actually being put through on that date.
When the Rover did go through a lot of people were bidding on the car, and to be honest I did not think that I was in with a chance, but it slowed right down at £300, and to cut a long story short, I walked away with the keys to my new car £360 worse off...bargain!

About the car
The car was a real clean example, and a rare 3 door model makes it even more eye catching. There were not many 3 door models made compared to the large number of family 5 door models that were built during the cars life from 1989 to 1999 when Rover updated the whole shape of the car but kept the same engines as used previously.
My model is a 1991 J-Reg 214 16v Si. Its got all the sporty extra's that I wanted as well.
Other items on the spec list are power steering, abs brakes and sports interior. It had 76,000 miles when I firs got the car with all its history as well.

Since I have had the car
Since the date I first got the car, there has always been a plan to make it one of the smartest Rover 214's around my local area. And I set about the task straight away. I fitted a set of 15" Rover 220 Coupe Turbo alloys and Pirelli Drago performance tyres as well as adding a Kenwood Cd Player to the interior and a mobile phone holder to save me the hassle of finding somewhere else to put it. I have also de-badged the rear tailgate and it no longer says 214 Si and Rover, it simply leaves the legendary Rover badge in the middle leaving people guessing as to the engine size and power it has.

Future mods
There are a whole load of things that I want to do to the car, and other then the set of 17" alloy wheels and the full Moto Build bodykit there is nothing that cannot be done in the near future.
I plan to change the rear clusters for the later spec types, so they are half clear, half red and therfor loose the orange plastic part where the indicator lives.
I also want to change the side repeaters for the clear type, to give a more subtle contrast to the already smooth looking rover as well as keeping colours to a light shade to match the paintwork.
I have not decided on a type of alloy wheel to fill those large arches, but when I do you can bet they are going to smart and very large too!
I am also planning to lower the suspension by 40mm all round using a complete sports spring kit.

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